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#1 6/27/2009 THE K.P.E.I, KALL POSITIVE EXPERIENCE INVENTORY (Rob Kall) The positive experience inventory is a partial list of experiences, behaviors, memories, observations imaginings and fantasies that are heartwarming, uplifting, energizing, or that make people feel good, happy, ecstatic, joyful, confident, strong, loved, etc. Use this list to open your eyes to and widen your view of PE opportunities. Use it to explore your positive experience memory (PEM) treasures to create a PEM Library.
#2 6/27/2009 An outline of the Anatomy of Positive Experience (Rob Kall) positive experiences are our most valued personal assets and inner resources. The are the building blocks of happiness, inner strength, the capacity to love, to face adversity and most of the other good parts of life.
#3 6/27/2009 Positive Experiences are the Heart of Happiness (Rob Kall) positive experiences are the basic building blocks of happiness. Here's why.

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